Flip Flops!

I had planned to "stone" (a term coined by my worldwide BFF and bridesmaid Lacie Lou, when she was Miss Rodeo Mississippi and spent every waking moment "stoning" all her western outfits!) them but I couldn't find the right colored rhinestones at Wal-Mart! I did, however, find this fab flower ribbon stuff! I just glued it on with my E-600 glue (That stuff is a must when doing anything DIY!) and voila, cute "my feet are killing me" shoes for the reception!!

Let the Planting begin!!!

This past weekend I experienced my very first Planting at the Farm...it seemed oddly like harvest to me!! Of course all I do is ride along and take pics, so I guess it would! :) The Farmer loading the corn onto the planter...

pouring the corn into the bucket thingys on the planter...

isn't he cute?!?! All being a farmer and stuff ;)

more pouring...

This was my job!! I sprinkled this fairy dust on all the corn in the planter. This makes it grow nice and tall and sparkly! Ok ok...it's really graphite that helps the corn go through the planter easier or something like that! but I prefer to think of it as fairy dust!! :)

This is JoJo, the Farmer's fun little sister. She drove the skid loader with the bags of corn on it. I have to tell you, that skid loader is the cutest thing EVER!! It makes me die out laughing every time I see the Farmer drive it! I have no explanation...it just does!

This is the Farmer's "I have work to do, quit taking pictures" face.
Isn't is lovely?!?!

Off to do an honest days work! And when I say "day" I mean an hour....I couldn't stay in that bouncy tractor all day, I had things to do, people to see, a wedding to plan :)

The Wedding Room

It kinda looks like a big pink and green polka dot monster threw up in the Farmer's guest bedroom. I have re-named this room, the Wedding Room!

All the vases and napkins are in these boxes!

Can I please get married soon before I have to take over the office and living room too!! (the dining room has already been flooded with gifts!)

Too much Fiesta?!?

NEVER!!! :) This is my collection...well minus my Gusto Bowls and a few plates that Jen and I use. Isn't it fabulous! I just love to look at it....this may or may not be a problem :)

My Pa and Miss June sent us these Fiesta Glasses last week! My first ever! I love them!!!
Soo cute!!

Waffle, Waffle, Waffle...Syrup!!!

This weekend the Farmer and I decided to open up our new Waffle Maker, that we got as a shower gift from his Aunt/Uncle/Cousins. I wasn't sure (and still am not) about the protocol of using wedding gifts before we actually tie the knot! But our rule goes a little something like this...If we are using it together then it's ok!! :) So we cracked open the box and took the beauty out! It was really fabulous (am I seriously this excited about a flippin waffle maker?!?!) They actually gave us Belgian Waffle mix to go along with our maker, but one look at the nutritional content and a quick scan to Calories (450) I nixed that I idea! I opted to use Bisquick, that had half the calories! The Farmer was NOT happy and I'm sure severely confused that evening when I had 4 slices of Pizza and half a breast of Fried Chicken at the Pizza Ranch Buffet...oopps! I figured I ate so "healthy" that morning I could afford to splurge a bit!! Anyway, back to the waffle maker...we mixed the ingredients up and away we went! They were super yummy even though they weren't Belgian! I captured the moment on camera over the constant moaning and groaning from the Farmer about his breakfast getting cold and the need for me to stop taking pictures of EVERYTHING! I, on the other hand, feel the pictures really make the post, don't you?!?!?! :)

take note of the Spice Rack in the corner! Another gift from another Aunt/Uncle/Cousins. He is not allowed to use the spices unless we are together..ha! We'll see how long that lasts! :)

First try wasn't so great, but the second batch was perfection!


Dress Rehearsal

As promised, we went straight home from the gym and tried on every western/animal print outfit I owned! This is the result! Animal print (courtesy of Jen) and western!! Soo fun!! I have my turquoise Lucchese boots on too!! I am soo excited!! I can't believe I have to wait 2 whole weeks!! :)

It's here!!

My crinnoline came in at work this morning!! Thanks Mara it is sooo fab!!

I made Jen try it on so I could get the full effect!! I always call her my wedding fairy..talk about getting into character!!

I can't wait to try it on with my shoes and dress!!! Woohoo!!

This is her trying to be a fairy..looks more like a chicken!!

And on another note... I have hit the 100 day mark!!! As of tomorrow I will be counting down in double digits! That is fun and scary at the same time :)

YES!!! I just got more info!!!

This just appeared in my Inbox!! Ok, so maybe I overheard them talking about emailing the invite and I begged (for a good 5 minutes) for them to send it to me too!! :)

Now I can't wait!!! Can you tell they tried to "Southern up" the lingo?? I'm always saying "I'm fixin' to do something!"

Jen and I are going straight home from the gym and trying on all my western/animal print outfits!!!

And piss "the princess" off?? Now that is just not possible!! ;)

Two bachelorette parties! How lucky can one bride be?!?!?

Invitations are DONE!

And when I say DONE, I just mean I have the design completed and ONE invitation printed and put together! Hehe!

I will be folding the 200 sheets of card stock (thanks Momma!) into pocket envelopes, gluing the actual invite on the pocket, cutting ribbon, sticking logo stickers, stuffing the pockets and addressing envelopes with silver pens for the next 39 days! Ohh pre-wedding bliss!!

Sorry I had to blur out some of the info, but you never know what random creeper could be out there!! :)

BachelorEDJE Party?!?!

I guess a little background info is in order! The design company I work for is called EDJE...everything we do as a group always has the word EDJE in it...EDJE-o-ween, EDJE-ucation, EDJE outing, and on occasion we even call each other EDJEtards!...this particular party name was coined by the one and only Jay, he is the resident funny man in the office! Well my sneaky female co-workers are cooking up this BachelorEDJE Party and all I know is that I am supposed to keep Friday, May 8th open! I keep asking questions and getting nowhere! Even Jen (the roommate) who has a huge mouth and normally tells me EVERYTHING is keeping her lips sealed! I hate not being in on the secret. It is driving me nuts! Well I guess that is all..I just wanted to vent!! ha!

Glitter Gone Wild!

It's no secret, I love glitter! Actually I love all things glittery, sparkly, rhinestoned, shiny....you get the idea! I have been wanting to jazz up the bottom of my shoes for a while, but couldn't figure out the best way to do it! The roommate and I decided to make a random Wal-Mart run to try and get inspired (note* random Hobby Lobby runs have been put on hold due to a mugging in the parking lot a few weeks ago, in broad daylight, with people around...what is this world coming to?!?!) So we walked down the Martha Stewart Crafts Isle and bingo! Glitter kits! I picked the green shades, blue shades, and pink shades. It worked out perfectly! I did the "I do" in blue for my something blue! And of course the other is my infamous logo! I love the way they turned out!

I had to show off my new pedicure!! Soo fun!! :)

Are there any requests?!?!

I am currently working on my dance list for the DJ. I have a mix of country, Motown, oldies and rock. I tried to remember all the songs my girlfriends and I love to "get jiggy" to, but I feel like I am forgetting so many! If you have a favorite please let me know...I want the dance floor to be packed all night!
Speaking of music, I have our first song picked out! It's "Meet Me In Montana" a duet with Marie Osmond and Dan Seals. Since the Farmer and I met in Montana, we have always joked that this is our song! Now if we can just figure out how to dance! I'm still debating whether or not we should take lessons. We are both pretty much a tragic mess on the dance floor, so we will have to figure out something before the big day!

My Daddy and I will be dancing to our song as well..."Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind," by George Strait. Not very conventional but I have always said we would dance to this, because it is our favorite! We plan a trip to Ft. Worth whenever I am home...even if its just for the day, it is definitely our special place! When one of us hears the song on the radio, we immediately call the other one, I have a voicemail where he let it play because I didn't answer the call and I listen to it every time I start to miss him! Can you tell I'm a Daddy's girl?!?!? Oh and he can't dance either! I am hoping to get a bit of practice in at my brother's wedding!

When I do my bouquet toss, "Mississippi Girl" by Faith Hill will be playing! How appropriate, right?!?! If we do a wedding party dance, I would like to use "County Fair" by Chris LeDoux. My favorite part of the song is

"You know the tunnel of love, well it ain't my style. So I'm gonna take on the Ferris wheel. Way up in the sky, with the stars in her eyes, I'm gonna tell her just how I feel. Well, there's a full moon in the western sky, And there's magic in the air. Ain't nothin' I know of, can make you fall in love, Like a night at the county fair."

Since we got engaged at the state fair, up high in the sky, I think it's pretty "fittin'" :)

It's happening..

I am officially becoming less selfish!! This past weekend, some of my co-workers/friends and I went to the Tanger Outlet in Williamsburg for a shopping trip! It was soo fun!! But I honestly only bought two things for myself...can you believe it?!?!? Now although I am becoming less selfish, I am not, however, becoming less of a shopaholic! I had plenty of bags in hand we headed for home.

My latest fave is shopping for the Farmer! He likes it too, even if he wont truly admit it! As fun as it is to pick out clothes for him, It is definitely no easy task!! All his shirts must be tall sizes which are hard to come by in styles that he will actually wear! And don't even get me started on pants...38x38...try to find that size online, much less at a retail store!! So needless to say when I do find his size, I seem to grab up everything! Eddie Bauer makes these fabulous wrinkle resistant button up shirts that look great on him, so I always try to find those every time I am at their outlet store! Well I hit the jackpot this weekend!! They had his size in every color!! It seriously took me 40 minutes to choose which ones to get. Thanks to Erin and Jen, I finally made my decisions! I would post them but then he wont have a surprise when I see him this weekend!

Other than those purchases and my two items, everything else was for babies!! Talk about getting the fever! Have you seen the cute clothes they have for kids these days!?!? Adorable!! Three of the Farmer's Groomsmen are expecting this summer (well their wives are expecting!!)and Jonina, one of the gals I work with is also having a little bambino this summer. So I had quite a few purchases at OshKosh B'gosh , The Children's Place, and Carters. My ONLY two purchases (from Old Navy)...white chunky flip flops that I plan to bedazzle for the reception and a cute green swimsuit cover-up to wear on the Honeymoon!

The girls with all our bags!! :)
Sorry for the lack of make-up and fixed hair...we had to get up at 7:00 am, on a Saturday!! Ludicrous!!


With all this commotion about my Fiestaware, I thought I should share my flatwear pattern! We couldn't register for it because I have only ever been able to find it on one website! I had one 20 piece set already, but I really wanted another! When my Momma called to find out exactly which pattern it was, (there are several "brands" patterns out there but this one is the best, as far as I'm concerned!) I was excited that she was contemplating getting me another set! Well she did..and more!! Apparently they have a hostess set and a serving set too..I know this because I am now the proud recipient of all the pieces!! Knowing me I will just display them and never let my Chef use them, but we'll see :) Isn't it fabulous?!?!? and it looks divine with my Fiesta!! Soo western!
This is the silverware

Serving set

Hostess Set

It's to "dye" for!!!

My dyed crinoline is finished! Mara at The Wedding Cabaret did such a fantastic job! It will match my shoes perfectly! I can't wait to try it on with my dress! :)


My Family stayed up here through Easter too! We all met at the Farmer's house Sunday morning and had Almond Patties, courtesy of Momma Ruth, for breakfast. Cade ate at least 3 of them...they are quite addictive! We went to church, then headed to the Farm for a delicious Easter Dinner! It was soo nice to have both families together and the kids got along great! We had an Easter Egg hunt, then checked out the baby lambs...or lamblets, as I prefer to refer to them! It was such a fun day/weekend...but I am exhausted!!

My Mamma and Daddy!

Posing with my Maid of Honor and my Flower Girl!!

the kiddos!

Me and my Farmer!!

running for eggs!


Asher hunting eggs!

The Farmer's Daddy grabbed up a lamblet!

I want that one Uncle Craig!!

Trying to get it!!

awww soo sweet!

too cute!

Little pink ridding hood! Yes, that little stinker is sticking his tongue out at YOU!

Cade wanted to climb the silo!!

You can do it!!

he didn't make it very far! Maybe next time :)