How We Met

This was the Mad Lib inspired story they told at the shower! The letters in pink were the presents we had to open to finish the story!

Just a few short months ago there seemed to be two SINGLES (little single bags of Cheetos), Craig and Hayley who wondered if they would ever find their soul mate. Hayley finished her education at Mississippi State University and set out to explore the world. She found a job "out west" and soon became HAYLEY FROM MONTANA (a deck of Hannah Montana cards that had my name over the Hannah). Her job in marketing with agriculture related products found her and her friends attending various cattle shows. They called it networking, we call it "men looking."

Craig, a firmly founded farm raised boy finished his education in Brookings at South Dakota State. Part of his new and improved skills included being an ALL STAR (little basketball that said All Star) cattle judge. He frequently jumped into his HOT WHEELS (hot wheels car) and headed to many judging opportunities in the Mid-West.

POOF (a poof ball) his travels landed him at a livestock show where "Hayley from Montana" was. Craig's hot wheels traveled west more and more as Hayley became the HIGHLIGHT (a highlighter) of his week. It also became quite TRANSPARENT (transparent tape) that Hayley was falling for this guy. You could see STARS (star shaped post its) in her eyes. Each trip resulted in more JOY (Joy dish soap) for both of them. First they would SNUGGLE (Snuggle fabric softener) It became more serious as Craig started to GET FRESH (Get Fresh car air freshener) Finally Craig RESOLVED (Resolve carpet cleaner) the fact that he was falling fast and furious for this woman of his dreams. He proposed to his soul-mate-to-be above the Iowa State Fair of 2008. We greatly anticipate the wedding in August and look to the future when they become the 3MUSKETEERS (3 Musketeer candy bar) and have a BABY RUTH (Baby Ruth candy bar)

We love you and wish you the best!

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