I love Mr. UPS Man!!!

because he brings me presents, pretty much on a daily basis!! Today I got my order from Sam Moon!! You have got to check this place out!!! I could not believe the prices...I was a bit leery to order at first, but after getting this shipment, I'm sold!! This place is FABULOUS!!! I found it on another blogging bride's site, but now I can't remember which one!!! Anyway, I got these super fun earrings to go with my wedding dress! They are about 2 inches long and wonderfully gaudy!! :)

I also picked up this fun lime and hot pink polka dot bag...I think I will use it as a beach bag while we are in the Bahamas for the honeymoon! I know the Farmer will love it when I ask him to grab the beach bag, before we head down to the sand!! Pink and green polka dots are his fave!! hehe!

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  1. *LOVE* Sam Moon! & I love gaudy earrings, great find!