Pouting Princess

I called the Fam this morning at 6:30 am to make sure they had at least pulled out of the driveway. The estimated departure time was 5:30 am. They were in Canton, about an hour from home, so they are right on track!! August Ann was asleep, but Cade was bouncing off the truck wondering where we were going to eat when they arrive tonight and would they have ribs?? Later I recieved a pic text from my sister...

the caption was "We are not happy!" It appears the princess has awoken from her slumber and is pouting!! Lets hope the mood gets a bit better as the day progresses.

The next contact was about 15 minutes ago...it was JayKay (sister-MOH), she said hang on Daddy wants to talk to you! Daddy gets on the phone...."We are lost! We just passed a Welcome to Arkansas sign" I assured him, that he was on the right track! Momma has a printed MapQuest map and I don't think he will ever truly trust those things! (He has been to every state at least three times...showing Cutting Horses back when he was a young buck and actually won the World in 69, but back then I'm sure he just relied on his keen since of direction and an old worn out atlas, certainly never a computer generated step by step process of how to get somewhere!) He then proceeds to tell me that they have already stopped twice! Once for McDonald's, then ten minutes later Momma had to stop again and use the little girls room. He just couldn't believe that she wouldn't have gone before they left McDonald's! haha!! Ohh to be in that vehicle with all of them for 12 plus hours!! Some of our best (and worst) memories are traveling together! I'm sure I will get my fill in the morning on the four hour trip to the Farmer's house!

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