Let the Planting begin!!!

This past weekend I experienced my very first Planting at the Farm...it seemed oddly like harvest to me!! Of course all I do is ride along and take pics, so I guess it would! :) The Farmer loading the corn onto the planter...

pouring the corn into the bucket thingys on the planter...

isn't he cute?!?! All being a farmer and stuff ;)

more pouring...

This was my job!! I sprinkled this fairy dust on all the corn in the planter. This makes it grow nice and tall and sparkly! Ok ok...it's really graphite that helps the corn go through the planter easier or something like that! but I prefer to think of it as fairy dust!! :)

This is JoJo, the Farmer's fun little sister. She drove the skid loader with the bags of corn on it. I have to tell you, that skid loader is the cutest thing EVER!! It makes me die out laughing every time I see the Farmer drive it! I have no explanation...it just does!

This is the Farmer's "I have work to do, quit taking pictures" face.
Isn't is lovely?!?!

Off to do an honest days work! And when I say "day" I mean an hour....I couldn't stay in that bouncy tractor all day, I had things to do, people to see, a wedding to plan :)

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  1. This is so funny! I love the fairy dust..haha. Too cute! My fiancee grew up on a farm and his family still farms there, corn mostly, so I have seen a few of these things first hand but you tell the story much better. :)