Pre-Planting Party?!?

At first thought this could be misunderstood as Planning Party...i.e. Wedding Planning Party! But sadly, no... it's getting to be about that time, the time when the Farmer has to plant, so this weekend he has decided to throw a Pre-Planting Party! A couple of his other farmer friends and their wives (love them) are coming over for a grilling good time, in celebration of the approaching planting for the year. It should be fun actually, even though it doesn't have a thing to do with wedding planning (boo)! Now I need to find a fun recipe to cook up in order to show off my less than accomplished cooking skills! Maybe dessert...I'm good with sweets! Or maybe I could just run by Casey's Bakery and pick up something yummy...everything in this cute little Dutch shop is to die for! If you've never had an Almond Pattie (buttery puff pastry filled with almond paste and sprinkled with sugar) you are seriously missing out! mouth is watering just thinking about it! Ok, ok! I know, It's not on the wedding diet but I will (mark my words) eat them everyday for at least a week after the wedding :) And since we have to go right by the Bakery on Friday to pick out our wedding bands, this would be an easy out! But then the Farmer will still assume I can't cook, and we just can't have that! Whats a girl to do?!?! ;)

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