With all this commotion about my Fiestaware, I thought I should share my flatwear pattern! We couldn't register for it because I have only ever been able to find it on one website! I had one 20 piece set already, but I really wanted another! When my Momma called to find out exactly which pattern it was, (there are several "brands" patterns out there but this one is the best, as far as I'm concerned!) I was excited that she was contemplating getting me another set! Well she did..and more!! Apparently they have a hostess set and a serving set too..I know this because I am now the proud recipient of all the pieces!! Knowing me I will just display them and never let my Chef use them, but we'll see :) Isn't it fabulous?!?!? and it looks divine with my Fiesta!! Soo western!
This is the silverware

Serving set

Hostess Set


  1. I saw those in Vegas....actually one of the gals I was with bought the hostess and serving set to give her sister and brother-in-law for Christmas.... fun!!

  2. Those are so great!!! Their diffrent...I love it!! : )