I can cook!

...well, sort of! The Pre-Planting Party was a blast! After an emergency change of date (we had to have it Friday night because of bad weather tonight-where are you Spring?!?) I had to make an emergency change of side dish, since the Grape Salad (courtesy of Erin) had to sit in the fridge over night. I opted to "cook up" a Snicker Salad instead! I know what you're thinking...gross! Snicker Salad?!? I had these exact same preconceived notions the first time I had this dish at the Farmer's house...but then I tasted it and I was hooked! It is sooo yummy! And to be honest, there really isn't any actual cooking involved...just cutting and mixing! You need Cool Whip, Snickers, Tapioca Pudding, and Apples. Easy Peasy!

First you dump two regular size tubs of Cool Whip in a bowl (assuming you have a bowl...I was not aware that the Farmer does not, so my Mom-in-Law-to-be brought one over for us to use...thank goodness for Wedding Registry's! It was actually funny considering that I pretty much have every piece of serving ware Fiesta makes, except a bowl!! I don't cook, but I do host and you can't just serve your store bought items in the containers they come in!!) ok back to the the salad!

After the Cool Whip, you dump in a can of Thank You Tapioca Pudding...yeah I have no clue if this is available nationwide, so good luck finding it :)Next you cut up some snickers bars into little squares. I used 8 of the snack size ones! Then you dump them in the bowl.And the last step is cutting up the apples and dumping them in...I used two!
Then just mix it all together and voila, The Southern Belle can cook!! Everyone loved it...I can't wait for my next culinary endeavor..maybe something that requires the oven or possibly even a food processor!! I can hardly contain myself!
The Farmer is the real cook! He grilled the tastiest pork loin with potatoes, onion, and bell peppers! I was too busy documenting my concoction to take any pics of his food! Sorry :) Can you tell he loves to be photographed?!?

The girls!! They are too fun! We played games all night, after we were all too stuffed to eat another bite! Cora (middle) is preggers and is the cutest thing ever, and Kayla (right) just had a baby girl this fall..i better not drink after them ;)

Awww, me and the Farmer at the end of a successful evening of entertaining!

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