The last of the centerpieces!

In a previous post I told yall about the first two centerpieces...well I finally figured out the 3rd one!! There will be 10 of each of these centerpieces on the tables.

I tried everything to get this too look cute! I knew I wanted a candle in the center section of the vase, but I couldn't decide on what to put on the outside! My wedding fairy (the roommate) and I literally tried everything!!! This was our first attempt...these beads started out as little tiny sand-like crumbs, we soaked them in water over night, then they became these BRIGHT green bouncy balls (which we found all over the apartment for weeks)

We thought this was ok, but were not in love with the green color. Next, I found some small green apples at Hobby Lobby (where else) that I thought we could drop in the vase on the outside portion. They were too big. Pickles!!! Back to the drawing board! We thought maybe since we just didn't like the green color of the first attempt with the bead/bouncy balls, maybe we should try black.

These balls came ready to go and were more Styrofoam like. This was ok, but I still wasn't satisfied! We tried to pour some water in with the balls to give it a different look...big mistake!! What a mess! Of course I didn't want to waste the balls so we tried to dry the little suckers on a towel on the kitchen counter, naturally every time we walked by they would go flying (as you might have guessed we are still finding these all over as well!) I was soo bummed!!

Nothing we did seemed to work. I was whining about it to my Momma one night on the phone and she said why don't you try putting the flowers, that we are using in the other centerpiece, inside the vase. I was skeptical...that's just me...but tried anyway and it was simply divine!! The cutest thing ever! *Swoon*

We tried it first with the same fuchsia candle, but didn't like the color or the height. I ordered some shorter black candles and BINGO, we have a centerpiece!!

The final one will have four flowers in it, but I only have three at my apartment, the rest of the 2,000 (may be a dramatization) are at the Farmer's in the "Wedding Room!" Stay tuned for pictures of the Wedding Room and all its fabulousness!

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