The list!

Just looking at this makes me nervous and a little sweaty..I mean glisten, Southern girls don't sweat ;) This is the LIST....the list that controls my life at the moment. It contains everything I possibly need to do, purchase, and think about for the next 114 days! At first, I just carried it around in my purse, that way I could sort of forget about it...recently I have plastered it all over my bedroom door...I require constant reminding...The Farmer likes to refer to it as my "Seeing Something Shiny Syndrome," as in I get distracted when I see something in I have a short attention span!! This way I can't let it slip my mind, the posting of the list on my door has actually helped me get a lot more accomplished. I hate to have a list with nothing marked off, so I usually go out of my way to get things done just so I can mark it off the list! Now if I could just stop adding things to the list, we would be doing good!!!!

Update: 1 more day until my family arrives in Iowa (just got off the phone with my Daddy concerning his weekend attire, again!) and 2 more days until my first real, live, opening presents in front of people, pink punch drinking, bow collecting wedding showers!!! (I am beyond excited!!) and 3 more days until Easter Sunday with my fam and the Farmer's fam together!! I truly am a very blessed gal :)

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  1. I must say, I have never quite seen a to do list in quite this manner. I would be sweating too! (us Northern Girls sweat... Ha)

    Too funny! Hopefully the list is getting crossed off!

    Have fun.