Hashbrown Casserole Recipe:

Some people (my sister-ha!) were having trouble finding the recipe so here it is, along with a professional (mouth watering) pic of it!

As I type, the Farmer is grilling corn and hamburgers!! Woohoo!! Grilled has to be the very best way to eat corn..MMM MMM GOOD!!!

On another note, I have decided to take a photography class this fall!! Three classes, as a matter of fact! The community college close to where we live has a continuing education program and is offering them at night! The Farmer thought it would be a fantastic idea too, he is such a sweetie, even though I'm sure he knows this means many more 4-wheeler photography rides! I am soo excited to really learn how to use all the bells and whistles on my big girl camera!! I will keep yall posted on everything I learn!

Ciao for now!

Done and Yummy!! (and Healthy!!)

The casserole is fabulous!!! Sorry for the coloring on these pics but it's late and I wanted to snap a few shots before the Farmer ate the rest of it in the morning!!! I meant to capture it in all it's fabulousness right out of the oven, warm and gooey! but I went to a Beth Moore (Living Proof Ministries) simulcast tonight and was running late, so this is what you get...cold casserole, but this is for sure one to try and only has like 280 calories per serving!!

Anyway, I better head to bead now, the last two sessions of the simulcast are in the morning and I don't want to be sleepy! It was soo good tonight, she was actually in Green Bay, but there were 516 sites simulcasted in to be there and we were one of them! She's teaching out of Psalm 37 and the theme is "The Heart of Our Desires." I'm really excited for tomorrow morning!! Ohh and she has a blog...you should follow it!! And even better she is a Southern Belle!! ;)


or maybe supper!! Note to self: Never start cooking until you have read the whole recipe!!

I found a Hash Brown Casserole with Bacon, Onions, and Cheese recipe on the Cooking Light website. It looked yummy, so I got all the ingredients and decided I would make it today for lunch. Of course once I got everything in the dish, I read the rest of the recipe.... it needed to sit 8 hours in the fridge before baking for an hour..it was 11:45!! Oppps!!

We had Turkey sandwiches for lunch!!!

It does look (and smell) good!!

Then you put the cheese on top...I used a bit more than 3/4 a cup..hehe!

And now here it sits! In my fridge! I might fudge a little and just cook it tonight, 4 hours should be plenty of time..right?!?!

stay tuned!!! ;)

The Snorkeling Adventure!

I can't remember if I mentioned in my honeymoon post that we went snorkeling! Sounds fun, right?!?! Yeah...not so much!!! The boat ride was WRETCHED and then they just pretty much drop you off in the middle of nowhere!
Don't even get me started on the mask and mouth thing!! Mine kept leaking water and I must have drank a gallon of the ocean!! But there is a silver lining....the fish and coral reef were amazing, even if I had to see it through leaky goggles!!
before I started to get nauseous

can you say Drowned RAT!!

soo pretty!

the Farmer swims!!

back to the boat...oh joy maybe the salt water has stabilized my stomach!

Corn and Cuddly Canines!

I have been meaning to get updated pics of Magnolia and take pictures of the corn for awhile now, so yesterday afternoon I shoved Mags in the car and headed to the Farm! I climbed on the 4-wheeler and the Farmer took me to the most amazing spot for corn photography!!! He was such a good boy as I took shot after shot and stumbled and almost fell a few times...It's rough terrain out there :) He even let me snap a few pics before he reminded me this was about the corn and not him! And I got some pictures of the Century Farm sign, it looks so neat at the front of the drive!

poor Mitzi....Mags just terrorizes her!

Shoes Make Me Happy!

Yep...they sure do! Wanna know why?? Because they always fit!!! ha!

I was shopping the other day, trying to find a cute black dress/pants for Mariah's (one of my bridesmaids) wedding! Raylee (another one of my bridesmaids) and I are Mariah's personal attendants for her big day! We decided to wear black with turquoise accents, since the main color of her wedding is turquoise. So I tried on dress after dress and just didn't fall in love with a thing!!

I wandered over to the shoe department and there they were, the most fabulous turquoise shoes...and on the clearance rack!!

It must have been my lucky day! I grabbed them and held them tight and then realized I should try them on before I squeeze the life out of them! So I tried them on and they fit perfectly! Then comes the not so fun part, checking the price. This is the problem with my shopping habits: I see them, want them, try them on, fall in love, then check the price! They were 58 bucks!! WHAT!?! I thought it said clearance! Sad face!! So I start to rationalize....if I get these I can wear the black pants I already have then I wont have to by a new dress, so it should all even out, WAIT, what's that big yellow sign that says all shoes with a yellow dot were an additional 80% off!!! Quick check to reveal a glorious yellow dot on my turquoise strappy heels!! I handed them to the gal helping me (after she told me they would only set me back 11 dollars) and said let me just look a little more!

I just had to have these little western-ish Nine West sandals too! I might can wear them about three times before it starts to snow!! But then I will have a basically new pair of flops come Spring!!!

10 bucks!! Can you believe it?? My Momma and I looked at a pair similar to these to get for the honeymoon and I know they were at least $80!!! And I wont even tell you how much she paid for the sandals I did get for the honeymoon!! I just love a good deal, so I continued the search!

Perfection in a cork wedge!!! They called to me!! They literally had my name written all over them..no really check out the style name- Haylee!! I had to have them!! Another $10!!!

Look at my lovely finds!! 32 dollars and some change for all these shoes!! :)

Can you just picture the Farmer's face when I walked in the house with 3 shoe boxes?!?!? HAHAHA!!

From the Kitchen of...

Nope, not another recipe!! This is one of the cutest wedding gifts ever! It's a cake/casserole pan with a lid...It was the first time I saw my new name and I loved it!! Now I need to make something in it and take it somewhere!! :)

This is what awaited us when we got home from the Bahamas!! We arrived around nine and were so tired but there was no way i could sleep with all these un-opened gifts in my living room!! Yep, we opened them all that night!! What fun!!

Weekend Re-cap!

Well here I am...It's 10:18 and I can't sleep! What better to do than blog :) The big news of the weekend is that I got the wedding pics back!! Just the proofs, not sure when I will get the cd, but they are amazing!!! I am soo pleased and excited about them! Vanessa (my fab photographer) sent them on Friday when I was deep in Showbox production (Showbox is the monthly magazine I layout and design ads for, aka the favorite part of my job!) so I could just take a few peaks at them..long enough, though, to forget about the lunch that I told the Farmer wold be ready at 12:30...oooops!! Thank goodness for the Drive-In! Hamburgers and Onion Rings it is! I finished enough of the magazine to be able to have movie night with the Farmer that evening! We saw Julie and Julia and it was GREAT!!

However we were the youngest people (by far) in the theatre and the Farmer was among the 3 guys that got dragged there by their significant other, but it was sold out show, so that says something about it's ratings! After the movie we got McDonalds...I was dying for chicken McNuggets and Sweet Tea!!! Yummo!!! p.s. I have only riden the bike in the grass...it's not doing me much good, YET!!!

Saturday was dedicated to the magazine so it can go to print tomorrow morning, but i finished most of it by 8:00 so we headed over to The Farmer's friend Jared's (Usher in Wedding and he introduced us in Montana!) place for dinner. He and his super fun girlfriend Kati, cooked pork loin, beans, and fresh fruit. It was very tasty and really nice to catch up with them!

Today was a blur of Showbox and sleep...I really need one good day to recover from the wedding (yes still!), being gone, unpacking, re-arranging everything, being sick, and having two publications due at the same time! I wonder if we can go back to the Bahamas!?! Hopefully I will get some time later this week to catch up :) I still have to get my name changed on my SS card, drivers license and all that other stuff that I have been putting off!! UUGGHHH! i hate paper work!

I am suddenly sleepy :) Happy Trails!!

Chicken Biscuit Bake!!

This casserole is sooo yummy!!! And if I can do it...anybody can!! Ok here is what you will need:
1 can cream of chicken soup
2/3 cup of Mayo
2-3 tsp of Worcestershire sauce
4 cups of cubed chicken
3 cups of cooked chopped broccoli
1 small onion
1 cup of shredded cheddar Cheese
2- 12 oz tubes of buttermilk biscuits
2 eggs
1/2 Sour Cream (I think this was a cup? That's what I used anyway!)
1 tsp dill weed
1 tsp salt

First you combine the soup, mayo, Worc. Sauce, chicken, broccoli, and onion

my handy dandy measuring cup from Pampered Chef!


I used pre-cut, pre-cooked chicken...easy peasy!

my Hold N' Slice from Pampered Chef!!

Then you put it all in a 9 x 13 pan

and sprinkle with cheese!!

Then you should cover and bake for 20 min...but just in case you forget to cover (like I did!!) it still turns out fine and your Farmer will eat it up anyway!

Now for the topping... Mix eggs, sour cream, dill, and salt!

Then cut the biscuits in half! Yes, I realize I am using the Poultry cutting board but it has never been used so it's cool :)

Then when you take the dish out of the oven you place the biscuits, cut side down, on top of the cheese!

Now pour your topping mixture over the biscuits and bake for another 20 minutes, uncovered (whew!)

Into the oven! This looks like a lot of topping, which is why I'm not sure what unit of measure the 1/2 was, for the sour cream, by the time I realized I could have used too much it was too late to ask, so I just went with it!!! :)

Out of the oven!! Turned out fine!

Into my mouth!!
Sooo goood!!! I mean honestly the Farmer hardly ever eats chicken and he LOVES this dish!!! Ohh and did you notice the Lemon Grass plate!! Ohh yeah I finally got a place setting for my b-day from the Farmer's Fam! It is soo pretty! One of my Besties (and bridesmaid) got me some other Lemon grass pieces for my b-day as well...it may be my new fave!!!
Not sure what the etiquette is on "citing" recipes sources but this one is from my Mom-In-Law via Aunt Nancy...she is the Aunt that played the music at the wedding and it was oh so fabulous!!! I am still trying to figure out how to get the wedding video on the blog!
I also made Monkey Bread this morning for breakfast...yes I am a regular little chef now!! hehe!! I was gonna make some cookies this afternoon, but one of our neighbors dropped by with frosted brownies and G-ma Moss brought over some kind of cream cheese frosted deliciousness!!! So no more sweets for today :) Gotta love being new in town!!!