Weekend Re-cap!

Well here I am...It's 10:18 and I can't sleep! What better to do than blog :) The big news of the weekend is that I got the wedding pics back!! Just the proofs, not sure when I will get the cd, but they are amazing!!! I am soo pleased and excited about them! Vanessa (my fab photographer) sent them on Friday when I was deep in Showbox production (Showbox is the monthly magazine I layout and design ads for, aka the favorite part of my job!) so I could just take a few peaks at them..long enough, though, to forget about the lunch that I told the Farmer wold be ready at 12:30...oooops!! Thank goodness for the Drive-In! Hamburgers and Onion Rings it is! I finished enough of the magazine to be able to have movie night with the Farmer that evening! We saw Julie and Julia and it was GREAT!!

However we were the youngest people (by far) in the theatre and the Farmer was among the 3 guys that got dragged there by their significant other, but it was sold out show, so that says something about it's ratings! After the movie we got McDonalds...I was dying for chicken McNuggets and Sweet Tea!!! Yummo!!! p.s. I have only riden the bike in the grass...it's not doing me much good, YET!!!

Saturday was dedicated to the magazine so it can go to print tomorrow morning, but i finished most of it by 8:00 so we headed over to The Farmer's friend Jared's (Usher in Wedding and he introduced us in Montana!) place for dinner. He and his super fun girlfriend Kati, cooked pork loin, beans, and fresh fruit. It was very tasty and really nice to catch up with them!

Today was a blur of Showbox and sleep...I really need one good day to recover from the wedding (yes still!), being gone, unpacking, re-arranging everything, being sick, and having two publications due at the same time! I wonder if we can go back to the Bahamas!?! Hopefully I will get some time later this week to catch up :) I still have to get my name changed on my SS card, drivers license and all that other stuff that I have been putting off!! UUGGHHH! i hate paper work!

I am suddenly sleepy :) Happy Trails!!

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