Rookie of the Year!!

Last week we had our yearly company meeting. During this meeting there are two awards given out, Design on the Year (for the best design of the whole year) and Rookie of the Year (for all the first year employees) I was soo honored to have been chosen considering the tough competition I was up against!

The other super fun thing at the meeting was the fact that I got to go back to the office and see everybody! I had been off for two weeks and had started working from home, so it was good to go back for a couple of days! But the most important thing is that I got to see and hold my co-workers baby!! She had her the day after I left, so it seemed like I had to wait forever!! Isn't she precious!?!? And check out her boots! Too cute :)

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  1. CONGRATS on your awards! Yes, those boots are too cute :)