Done and Yummy!! (and Healthy!!)

The casserole is fabulous!!! Sorry for the coloring on these pics but it's late and I wanted to snap a few shots before the Farmer ate the rest of it in the morning!!! I meant to capture it in all it's fabulousness right out of the oven, warm and gooey! but I went to a Beth Moore (Living Proof Ministries) simulcast tonight and was running late, so this is what you get...cold casserole, but this is for sure one to try and only has like 280 calories per serving!!

Anyway, I better head to bead now, the last two sessions of the simulcast are in the morning and I don't want to be sleepy! It was soo good tonight, she was actually in Green Bay, but there were 516 sites simulcasted in to be there and we were one of them! She's teaching out of Psalm 37 and the theme is "The Heart of Our Desires." I'm really excited for tomorrow morning!! Ohh and she has a should follow it!! And even better she is a Southern Belle!! ;)

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