Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shoes Make Me Happy!

Yep...they sure do! Wanna know why?? Because they always fit!!! ha!

I was shopping the other day, trying to find a cute black dress/pants for Mariah's (one of my bridesmaids) wedding! Raylee (another one of my bridesmaids) and I are Mariah's personal attendants for her big day! We decided to wear black with turquoise accents, since the main color of her wedding is turquoise. So I tried on dress after dress and just didn't fall in love with a thing!!

I wandered over to the shoe department and there they were, the most fabulous turquoise shoes...and on the clearance rack!!

It must have been my lucky day! I grabbed them and held them tight and then realized I should try them on before I squeeze the life out of them! So I tried them on and they fit perfectly! Then comes the not so fun part, checking the price. This is the problem with my shopping habits: I see them, want them, try them on, fall in love, then check the price! They were 58 bucks!! WHAT!?! I thought it said clearance! Sad face!! So I start to rationalize....if I get these I can wear the black pants I already have then I wont have to by a new dress, so it should all even out, WAIT, what's that big yellow sign that says all shoes with a yellow dot were an additional 80% off!!! Quick check to reveal a glorious yellow dot on my turquoise strappy heels!! I handed them to the gal helping me (after she told me they would only set me back 11 dollars) and said let me just look a little more!

I just had to have these little western-ish Nine West sandals too! I might can wear them about three times before it starts to snow!! But then I will have a basically new pair of flops come Spring!!!

10 bucks!! Can you believe it?? My Momma and I looked at a pair similar to these to get for the honeymoon and I know they were at least $80!!! And I wont even tell you how much she paid for the sandals I did get for the honeymoon!! I just love a good deal, so I continued the search!

Perfection in a cork wedge!!! They called to me!! They literally had my name written all over really check out the style name- Haylee!! I had to have them!! Another $10!!!

Look at my lovely finds!! 32 dollars and some change for all these shoes!! :)

Can you just picture the Farmer's face when I walked in the house with 3 shoe boxes?!?!? HAHAHA!!

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  1. Great shoes! I always seem to find great deals on summer shoes right now. And your right, you usually only get to wear them a couple times before packing them away, but its like having brand new pairs come the next summer!


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