Hair Today, Gone...Today!!

That's right! I chopped it!! Well technically Lucy (the gal that did my wedding hair) chopped it! I love it!! Even the Farmer likes it, which is super surprising since he seemed a bit reluctant for me to do it! I'm not sure how much I cut off but it was enough to donate to Locks of Love, so that made me feel even better about the plunge!

I guess I should give a married life update! It really feels like a whirlwind since the big day. With work and trying to get the house in order things have been non-stop! This past weekend we went shopping and spent the gift cards! I got a bike (stay tuned to see if it helps me get in shape!) and we got bedding for our room and new curtains and curtain rod for the living room and a ton of other stuff, mostly for the kitchen.

I think it has a western flair! I still need a curtain and some other accessories for in here, but just be thankful I finally got it cleaned!!

love the way these turned out!!!

I have been cooking some too! Mostly baking sweet stuff like Butterfinger cake and Pumpkin Bread (yummo!) I did make some Hamburger Helper one night but then I got a bad cold and have been sorta whiny and needy for the past two days! I plan to make Chicken Biscuit Bake tomorrow, so I'll try and document the process! So far life (what little we have had together) is fabulous! The Farmer comes home for lunch and I take a break from the computer, after work we walk Mags, watch TV on the new DVR, have supper, and no particular order!

I really enjoy being in one place and having all my things in one place again! I am also really loving working from home! The day seems to fly by, probably because I have been so busy!

I am getting really excited for Fall! I love the smells and I adore all things pumpkin!! I made up a centerpiece for my table to get me in the Fall mood and got out some other decorations and I went to a Candle Party that a friend from church had and I got a pumpkin candleholder and candle, soo cute!! Ok!! I think that's all for now!! Still waiting for wedding pics!! :)

The centerpiece! It is a Fiesta vase my Poo got us as a wedding gift!

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  1. Your hair is so cute! I went shorter again two weeks ago! I love the freedom of short hair!