Corn and Cuddly Canines!

I have been meaning to get updated pics of Magnolia and take pictures of the corn for awhile now, so yesterday afternoon I shoved Mags in the car and headed to the Farm! I climbed on the 4-wheeler and the Farmer took me to the most amazing spot for corn photography!!! He was such a good boy as I took shot after shot and stumbled and almost fell a few times...It's rough terrain out there :) He even let me snap a few pics before he reminded me this was about the corn and not him! And I got some pictures of the Century Farm sign, it looks so neat at the front of the drive!

poor Mitzi....Mags just terrorizes her!


  1. Great pictures. Congrats on being a century farm.

  2. Nice pics Hayley Mae! Mags has gotten so big...what a cutie!!!