Fall Decor!!

Thought I would share my fall decor! I didn't put out all of my big arrangements and kept the table pretty simple this year...just wanted to try something different! I got lots of cute halloween decor on 90% off clearance last year, so I will be bringing all that out soon too! 

I usually just put all my fall stuff out and keep it the same from August to the end of November (with the addition of my turkeys after October), but I thought the boys might like some of the fun halloween stuff and I thought a bit more change throughout the fall might be nice too! So stay tuned!

Love this burlap harvest sign!! Found it at a local decor store yesterday! 
I hung it up and Merritt frantically said "oh no Momma, some of the letters are gone!!" 
I told him it's rustic and cool..he didn't get it! Kids these days?!?! :)

can you see those adorable Indian corn pumpkins!?! So cute!

I don't think I have posted about this tea cart yet! It was my grandmother's and when she moved to her assisted living facility, I got to have it (along with the corn dishes and a few other small pieces)! I was soo excited!! She always had her crystal punch set on it (or at least that's what I remember!) So fun to have a part of her at my home now! And yall know I'm dying to get a paint brush to it, but I just can't decide what to do!

I made the fall sign out of a wood slice, some chalkboard paint, 
and my less than perfect cursive writing!

I was wanting to find something last year to spruce up this wreath and 
I scored this burlap acorn on clearance!! Love it!!

All the boys like having the cheese ball jack-o-lantern back in the kitchen!

I have most of my outdoor decor up, but will wait to take pics until I get my mums!

Here is last year's fall decor- post

Happy Fall Ya'll!!

Potty Boot Camp!!

 Well today was the day!! I started the three day potty boot camp with McCoy! I'm using the same one that I did with Merritt (post here). We had a great first day and he tee-teed 13 times in the potty!! Woohoo!! Lots of accidents this morning, but after nap, we had a breakthrough and he started to tell me he had to go and running to the bathroom!! Hoping tomorrow goes even better!! :)

We got up this morning an headed to the grocery store to buy lots of fun juices and even some mini cans of mommy pop! He was so excited about this since the boys only drink milk and sometimes lemonade at home! Whatever it takes to make him have to tee-tee..alot!! 

We also got all his favorite snacks to keep him thirsty! 
I had to tell the cashier that we were starting potty boot camp, 
so she wouldn't think I was a horrible, unfit mother!! Ha!

After we got home from the store, we took his diaper off and got him into some undies, then he "threw away" all of his diapers! Couldn't resist snapping this pic, cutest thing ever!

enjoying all his treats!

He got a potty chart just like Merritt!

These are the stickers he picked out for his chart!! Rainbow pony!!

And we can't forget potty prizes! Squinkies, Micro-Drifters, and some Sheriff Callie bling bags!

I added some candy at the last minute and that has been what he chooses the most!! 
Whatever works!!


This and That!

Yall, these boys can be so sweet when they want to be!! :)

Bobalou trying to share afternoon snack!!

LOVE this candle!! Super cute and smells AMAZING!! :)

This is what the boys were doing right before Merritt's teacher came for a home visit!!

Gunfights and a bucking chute in the living room...totally normal right?? Ha! 
She loved it and Merritt loved showing her all his medals and trophies that he won his summer! 
She is super nice, and I just know he is going to have a great year!! :)

Just a little mutton bustin practice!

The Farmer smoked a turkey on Sunday and it was FABULOUS!!!

After one bite, I asked him to marry me!! ;)

Rodeo Fun!

Last night we headed to the McCrossan Extreme Bull Riding Challenge! The boys were so excited to watch some rodeo again and Merritt got to Mutton Bust again!! We weren't sure if he would get drawn since you just sign up there and they randomly pick 20 kids, but he got pulled!! Woohoo!! (they had to turn kids away..there were a TON that signed up!) He did such a great job and actually rode the longest out of all the kids..12 seconds!! They didn't score them as they rode, like we are used to...so not really sure what his score was, but he didn't make it in the top two, and that was the only places they called out. He had a great time and had a great ride, so I guess that's all that matters :)

We got to ride a wagon to the arena!

 My big cowboy walking across the arena!

 They had to peel him off!! He is getting really good at riding sheep!! :)

loving the bull riding!!

Merritt wanted to get his face painted, so he looked through her whole book of super heros, ninja turtles, minions, and other characters...he finally said, can I have a Lone Ranger mask?!? 
Sure thing cowboy!

This little dude, was not about to be left out!! He asked to be Tonto, but since the original Tonto doesn't have anything on his face and the new Tonto has his whole face painted white and black...we just told her to give him a Lone Ranger mask too!! He was non the wiser!! hehe :)

Love these rowdy, tough, crazy cowboys!! :)