Let me just preface this by saying, this is probably the longest I have ever waited to "fall" up the place!! Time just got away from me, but I'm happy to announce that I got most of my fall decor up yesterday and we did some fall crafting this morning!! Woohoo!! 

When I was going through all my fall bins, I found quite a few craft projects that I had scored last year on Halloween clearance, so I figured since we would be gone 10 days in October, that I would go ahead and let them do some crafting now!! We chose cute foam jack-o-lanterns and Merritt also made a little Scarecrow!! Soo fun! I know yall already know this but, I LOVE FALL!! :)

No, it's not sweatshirt weather, Merritt just dressed himself this morning and he always picks from his winter drawers!!


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