I have been a busy bee this morning!! Made muffins, got supper in the crockpot, froze some tomatoes, did the dishes, and vacuumed all before 10:00am!! That's what happens when your baby gets in your bed at 5:00!!! :)

Love putting all my baked goods in under this cloche! 
Adds a little fancy to the everyday!! :)

My bell peppers are pretty small, so I couldn't make stuffed peppers out of them...what's the next best thing? 
Stuffed Bell Pepper Soup!! I haven't tried it yet, but it smells delicious!!
Recipe (here)

I remember doing dot-to-dot books all the time as a kid, but I rarely see them now! 
I scored this cute ocean themed one and he loves it!! 

This one only goes up as high as 45 but most are under 20, perfect for him!

I got a package the other day with this big piece of craft paper in it for filler, I stashed it away to use for something!!

The boys decided they wanted to paint on it! 

Perfect project for both of them and the clean up was a breeze! 
Will have to save these more often! :)

Merritt has Open House tonight for Preschool! He is soo excited to meet his teacher and see his classroom!! 
Ecckkk!!! Is summer really almost over?!?!?

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