10 on 10!

10 pictures from the 10th of the month!!

I made a new file folder game for the fall!! So cute! 

Pulled out this Transformer art set for Merritt to do this morning!! 
They are currently in love with the Rescue Bots Transformers, so I knew this would be a big hit!!

Somebody got into the markers...ughh!!

Clothes folded..check!

Decided to get the potty prize jar all set up to get this potty training process started!

I have been collecting this stuff since he was born..those Squinkies make PERFECT potty prizes!! 
I also found some Sheriff Callie blind bags on clearance and a few Planes Micro Drifters!

I didn't think he would actually go on the potty today, but he wanted a prize pretty badly! Ha! Good start! I plan to do the three day potty bootcamp (that we used with Merritt) at the end of the month!

tall corn, cute boys!

had to take a quick adventure in the corn!!

These two love their Daddy and he loves them!! :) 

Bonus pic #11- gardening is so fun but eating your harvest is amazing!! :)

Happy August 10th!!

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