Just sharing some pics from life lately!!

Seven years today with this boy!! We went out for a fun dinner on Thursday night! :)

Our pumpkins are orange!! We may be carving pumpkins in August!! haha!

My peppers are turning orange!! yummo!

18 cups of grated zucchini!! Now we can have Zucchini bread forever!! hehe! :)

Love using this cloche for my bread! Feels so fancy and looks lots nicer than tinfoil! ;)

 We headed back to the Splash Pad on Friday with our Kindermusik friends again is seriously the BEST!!

Mutton Bustin practice! These boys are obsessed with rodeo lately!

Gladiator vs Superhero!!

Popsicle Afternoon!

Mommy's little bear!! :)

Got this little roping toy out of the closet last night...they have been playing with it ever since!!

They alternate between this and this....

 And all we watch on TV is rodeo!!! 
Hoping to get them a little chute built soon, so my pillows get a break!! hehe :)

And still my heart!! :)

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