Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Potty Boot Camp!!

 Well today was the day!! I started the three day potty boot camp with McCoy! I'm using the same one that I did with Merritt (post here). We had a great first day and he tee-teed 13 times in the potty!! Woohoo!! Lots of accidents this morning, but after nap, we had a breakthrough and he started to tell me he had to go and running to the bathroom!! Hoping tomorrow goes even better!! :)

We got up this morning an headed to the grocery store to buy lots of fun juices and even some mini cans of mommy pop! He was so excited about this since the boys only drink milk and sometimes lemonade at home! Whatever it takes to make him have to tee-tee..alot!! 

We also got all his favorite snacks to keep him thirsty! 
I had to tell the cashier that we were starting potty boot camp, 
so she wouldn't think I was a horrible, unfit mother!! Ha!

After we got home from the store, we took his diaper off and got him into some undies, then he "threw away" all of his diapers! Couldn't resist snapping this pic, cutest thing ever!

enjoying all his treats!

He got a potty chart just like Merritt!

These are the stickers he picked out for his chart!! Rainbow pony!!

And we can't forget potty prizes! Squinkies, Micro-Drifters, and some Sheriff Callie bling bags!

I added some candy at the last minute and that has been what he chooses the most!! 
Whatever works!!


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