This and That!

I found lots of pics to share!! Here goes!!

My shorts are too big!! Because it's a shirt!! Ha!

Yes, I had just mopped...ughhhh!!

They love giving Bobalou stroller rides!!

It's not Bobalou's favorite! ha!

WE finally got around to playing with McCoy's new playdoh! 

They loved it!!

Mmm Bruschetta!! I could eat this every day of my life and never get tired of it!! 

Bota Rides!!

Oh and did I tell yall my four year old can drive the Bota!!! Ugghh!!! Where did my baby go?!?!

We have two of these little white pumpkins growing in the patch!! So cute!

More freezing!! I have 22 cans of tomatoes ready for yummy crockpot meals this fall and winter!! I lost count of how much zucchini I did, but it's plenty!! ha!

Buckets full of goodnes!! It's starting to wind down now, but what a glorious garden it was!! :)

I love this kid!

and he loves his horse!


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