Shopping Trip!!

We had such a great time on our girl's shopping trip and came home with a car load of goodies!! Such a fun time! :)

I remembered to take pics of my haul this year, so here goes!! :)
 From Ikea!! I already had one of those green bins in the play room and love it, had to grab another! Also have one of those turquoise bath mats too..wanted to have a backup for when the other one is in the wash!! 

colorful hooks for the playroom, funnels, sand toys, stamping pens, and construction vests for the boys! 

another rainbow chair for the playroom (they both always want to sit in the one we have!) along with some food storage containers and a popsicle maker!

I have been wanting these for awhile, so I was super happy to find them! Packing cubes! I got two for the boys suitcases, hopefully this will keep them more organized when we travel!

McCoy loved his funnels!! I was thinking they would be fun for the sandbox, but he decided they make great tin man hats!!

This is what I picked up at the outlets! Some fleece pullovers for the boys, polo tees for the boys and the The Farmer, jeans for McCoy, loader shirts for the boys, and some cute stuff for me!! :)


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