One Month!!

Can you believe it???? I know we can't!! The last 4 weeks have FLOWN by!! He has certainly outgrown his newborn clothes and on his way to growing out of his 0-3 month clothes! He still loves "Sammy" seahorse and now has a soothing sounds cd for his nursery that he loves too! He really enjoys his play mat, mostly just looking at his farm animals and himself in the mirror. He likes his swing better, but still prefers his bouncy seat.

He still wakes up around 1:00 and 4:00 at night, but we have gotten pretty adjusted to that routine. He slurps down his 4 ounces and I think we are going to have to move up to the bigger bottles soon! He does REALLY great in his car seat and loves car rides. Hope this continues because yall know how much I love a road trip! He has officially started smiling "for real" takes lots of talking and being silly but he still does it! The jury is still out on his hair color, but looks more red everyday! We are pretty sure his eyes are going to be blue and he has crazy long eyelashes that I am dying to put mascara on...hehe!!

Check out how much he has changed.....


Play Mat Fun!!





Didn't his birth announcements turn out cute?!?!? He loves riding already! :)


2 weeks and 3 days!!

I can't believe my sweet babe is already 2 weeks old!! Time is flying by! I know I am biased, but he really is the best baby!! He only cries when he's hungry and when you give him his bottle he gulps it down! He was up to 8 pounds 2 ounces on Friday at his 2 week check up (he was 7 pounds 3 ounces when we came home form the hospital)! I'm pretty sure he is going through a growth spurt since I just now got him to go to sleep and he has pretty much been eating all morning!

I can't wait for him to fit in his cute 0-3 month outfits, but am cherishing this sweet newborn stage too :) I had to buy him some newborn size clothes since I didn't pre buy any, assuming he was going to be a big baby and go straight to the 0-3 months size! I had to forgo my crazy clothes nazi ways and get frogs, ducks, and whatever else I could find that looked comfy...he pretty much lives in cozy sleepers for now :)

He loves his bouncy seat and his Soothe and Glow Seahorse, which we named Sammy Seahorse! He is getting to like his farm play mat more and more but still doesn't really care for his swing.

He has been waking up at 1:00am and 4:00am to eat during the night then usually just goes right back to sleep. The Farmer and I have been taking turns getting up with him, so it really hasn't been that bad. He doesn't totally love bath time yet, but I think he will eventually :)

My Momma and Daddy came up when he was born and Momma stayed and helped me out for a week and my Sis and her kids came up this weekend to visit too. Planning a trip home in June, so that will be fun :) The Farmers momma and sis have been making sure we have plenty of frozen meals, along with lots of people bringing us food, we haven't had to cook in ages!! :)

He went to church for the first time yesterday and did SOO good! The Farmer held him and he didn't make a peep, just looked around at all the lights. It was fun to show him off :) Of course I had to take a family pic before we left!!

Speaking of pics, I finished his newborn photoshoot and birth announcement! As soon as I get them mailed I will share them with you!!

Merritt is here!!

Sorry for the lapse in posts....but I have a good excuse, my baby is here!!! He was born on New Years Eve at 1:55 am, weighing 7 pounds and 13 ounces, 22 inches long!! He is perfect in every way and we love him to pieces!! Since I am way to lazy to post pics, I will just link the hospital pics...

post more soon :)