One Month!!

Can you believe it???? I know we can't!! The last 4 weeks have FLOWN by!! He has certainly outgrown his newborn clothes and on his way to growing out of his 0-3 month clothes! He still loves "Sammy" seahorse and now has a soothing sounds cd for his nursery that he loves too! He really enjoys his play mat, mostly just looking at his farm animals and himself in the mirror. He likes his swing better, but still prefers his bouncy seat.

He still wakes up around 1:00 and 4:00 at night, but we have gotten pretty adjusted to that routine. He slurps down his 4 ounces and I think we are going to have to move up to the bigger bottles soon! He does REALLY great in his car seat and loves car rides. Hope this continues because yall know how much I love a road trip! He has officially started smiling "for real" takes lots of talking and being silly but he still does it! The jury is still out on his hair color, but looks more red everyday! We are pretty sure his eyes are going to be blue and he has crazy long eyelashes that I am dying to put mascara on...hehe!!

Check out how much he has changed.....



  1. WOW!!!! He's really grown. I believe Dad must be slipping a little fertilizer into those bottles.

  2. I love the onsies!!! I have never seen those before. Do you have one for every month? So adorable! He is a cutie!