Ghost Cookies!

We finally got around to making our ghost cookies! This has been a favorite tradition of ours since Merritt was born! Oh what fun!!

McCoy had a little too much fun putting the eyes on!! Hahaha!!
Happy Halloween! :)


Halloween Painting Party!

Yall!!! It was soo fun! They both LOVED it and so did I! hehe!! They got to paint a cute little Halloween scene on canvas and paint a pumpkin. They also got little treat bags and a very fun Halloween drink! Their Musketeer Costumes (I decided to pull these out of the dress up box so they didn't get paint all over their Halloween costumes!) won them a prize and they picked paint sets and canvases! They can't wait to paint some more! 

Merritt wants to know when we are gonna go back and 
McCoy wants to know if I know how to make that drink they had!! hehe! 

We stopped for Pizza on the way home, 
love spending time and making sweet memories with my boys!! Perfect day! :) 



We had soo much fun at our Table Decorating Contest at MOPS on Thursday! 
Our groups theme was Pirates and Fairies! I had tons of stuff saved from McCoy's last birthday party, so it was super easy to decorate!! 

of course I was a pink fairy AND took a bathroom selfie!! hehe!

My table group is so great! A few of our girls were missing, but we still ended up getting top three honors!! Woohoo!! The other top three tables were Crazy Cat Ladies (imagine bath robes, hair in curlers, cats everywhere, and even a kitty litter box!!) and Social Butterflies (they all had different social media site logos on their shirts and were dressed up like butterflies!). 

The other tables were Soccer Moms, Mean Girls, It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere, M&M's, and Christmas!! They were all so awesome, good thing we had our Mentor Moms judge, what a tough job!! We asked them to place 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, but they said that was too hard, so just did a top three! 

We weren't really sure how it was going to go over since it is was a new idea, but everybody got into it and made it so fun! Our next meeting is the Fashion Show, so I will be a nervous wreck until then!!



We got to combine some corn with The Farmer earlier this week!! Every year we wonder if it will be the last one that we can all cram ourselves in! We made it one more!

This one lasted about 10 minutes and he was out!! 

Bless his little farming heart!