This Weekend!!

We did lots of fun Halloween-y things this weekend!

Mummy Dogs for supper Friday night!

Pumpkin Peep Brownies for dessert! this happened!! hehe! 
When McCoy and I were at Walmart, I let him pick out the boys a little tree for their rooms, of course he chose the obnoxious fiber optic color changing one! ha! And of course I let the boys put them up right away!! Last year, I scored them some adorable ornaments on after Christmas clearance, so I had told them they could have trees in their room this year! Merritt completely freaked out when he saw it and almost cried!! Yall, he is so my child!! We love us some Christmas!! Even though I let them have them now, we will try to wait a while to decorate them!! :) 

They came in saying they were "robber bandits!" haha! 
Might need to update the dress up box!

We painted two sets of pumpkins on Saturday!

First were these big ones that we turned into dinosaurs!

Then they painted these small little white pumpkins!

such little artists! :) 

The big ones finally dried and we got to work making them into dinosaurs!

Soo cute!

This would be a total Pinterest Fail! ha!

I was trying to make these! But I was too lazy to make the Bisquick topping and used a biscuit instead, which I couldn't cut into jack-o-lanterns, so I just used a pumpkin cookie cutter instead! They ended up tasting GREAT, but looked so bad!! haha!

I used bat cookie cutter for the ones for The Farmer and I, haha! At least the boys thought is was so fun to eat out of their own "cup" and McCoy loved helping me use the cookie cutters! 
So we'll call it a win! :)


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