What's Up Wednesday!

What we are eating this week? Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Pulled Pork Nachos, Chili and Cinnamon Rolls, Spaghetti, and Chicken Chili! 
If you haven't tried these pulled pork nachos yet, you are seriously missing out!! (Recipe) Also, this Chicken Chili, yummo! (Recipe)

What we’ve been up to? Kindergarten, Pre-School, Field Trips, MOPS, Sunday School, Pumpkin Patch, Harvest, Nature Hikes, Lego Club, 4-H, and lots of Halloween Fun!! 

What I’m reminiscing about? Halloween with my babies!! How have we already had almost six Halloweens as parents!?! Crazy! 
Love looking back at all their cute costumes!!

What I’m loving?
-Snap Chat- My Sissy, Niece, Nephew, and I have been snapchatting for months and it's so fun!! They love getting to see all the fun things the boys are up to! Technology is so cool!
-Renuzit- The limited Edition Hello Pumpkin scent is soo great!! 
-Febreeze- Also love this Pumpkin Febreeze! Just go ahead and give me pumpkin everything!! Thanks!
-Hello Beautiful Body Mist- {gasp} it's not pumpkin! hehe! I got this as a Bath and Body Works freebie last month and am just loving it, so fresh and floral!
-Pumpkin Pie Chapstick- This balm is so festive and pretty moisturizing too! Love it!
-French Toast Bites- This is actually a fave for the boys, but it's on my "loving list" because it makes mornings so easy!! Just throw them in the micro for a minute and breakfast is ready!! McCoy would eat these at every meal if I would let him!! ha!

What I’m working on?
Some freelance graphic design projects, 4-H information flyer, a craft for MOPS, MOPS Fashion Show, and my costume for our MOPS meeting tomorrow...we are having a table decorating contest and I can't wait to share the details with you soon!!
My fairy costume supplies...can you guess our theme?!?!?

What I’m excited about? Thanksgiving!! Yall, my fam is coming up and we are beyond excited!!! My Sissy and I have planned the menu three different times already! haha! I was super sad that we didn't get to go on our fall trip south this year, so this is the next best thing! We can't wait!!
I'm sure it will go something like this!! haha!

What I’m Dreading? We are back to dreading the Laundry Room Makeover! I sort of put it on hold for a bit since all my volunteer responsibilities got a little over whelming, but now I would really like to get it done before my fam comes...that means about a month! Who I am kidding..it will never be done by then!! haha! A girl can dream right?!?!

What I’m watching/reading? Still Old 90210 Episodes (on Season 5!), This is Us, The Middle, and silly romantic Christmas movies!! It's almost time!!!

What I’m listening to? the sound of shuffling/dumping Lego, little boys arguing, The Farmer coming in late from Harvest, and of course CHRISTMAS MUSIC!! 

What I’m Wearing?

-Love this gray shirt with floral elbow patches, paired with my canvas vest!
-Duck boots, blanket scarf, and a fun green jacket..perfect for a trip to the pumpkin patch!
-Casual tee and my canvas vest for Canadian Thanksgiving at a friends house!
-I wore this adorable red/blue embroidered bell sleeved top for our family pics! It even has pom poms and tassels...all my faves in one! hehe! Found it on Zulily!
-Cute floral top (Zulily) and an olive snap cardi...yes, I got another color!! Obsessed! 
-Burgundy snap cardi with the cutest floral embroidered jeans (found them at Marshall's) and some tan booties (Target!)  
-More floral..it's taking over my closet and I love it!! Snagged this lavender top on Zulily and paired it with the olive snap cardi and the same booties!
-Burgundy snap cardi over this navy shear top I got ages ago at Althropologie!

What I’m looking forward to next month? Merritt's Saddle Club Awards Banquet, School's Production of Beauty and The Beast, and THANKSGIVING!!! 

What I'm Doing This Weekend? I gave the boys the choice of going to ZooBoo, Scarecrows Farm Pumpkin Patch, or a Halloween Canvas Painting Party and they chose the painting party! I'm soo excited!! They are going to paint a festive canvas, pumpkins, and make a Halloween treat! It sounded so fun and I'm so glad they chose it!! 

What else is new? The Circle of Friends for Country Woman was announced in their latest issue!! So exciting! 

Question of the month:

What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?
Dressing!! It is so yummy and we really only ever have it on Thanksgiving, so that makes it more special!
This is my version of my Momma's cornbread dressing. I cheat and use a box mix and add all the yummy stuff to it! Hers is so much better but I have never been brave enough to try it on my own!! Can't wait to have it this year!


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