10 on 10!!

On Tuesdays and Thursdays when the boys are both are in school,
 I have been walking outside, instead of doing the Refit workout.
...it was a chilly 35 this morning, yuck, bring back that fab fall weather!! 

Orange Blaze peppers are almost ready!!

Now my squash decides to start growing...ugghh!!!

Lots of fun mail came in today....
We are having a table decorating contest at one of our upcoming MOPS meetings!
Can you guess what we picked for our theme?!?! Stay tuned!

Working on a fun Christmas "happy" for our 
MOPS group and these cute tassels were the last things to finally come in! 
They are in each of the eight colors of our table groups!
Obviously, I will share the final product after they are all done :)
I ordered these from Ali Express. I have gotten a few things from there lately, 
it takes forever because it ships from China, but the prices can't be beat!!

I may need a LuLaRoe Halloween Legging intervention! Ha!
I scored these headless horseman ones on Ebay for $15, 
I mean they practically jumped in my cart!! :)
I guess two crazy Halloween prints is enough, 
so now I will just patiently wait until they release the Christmas ones!
For the record, I do not leave the house in these, but I do live in them, so comfy!

We are having a freezer Meal exchange this Thursday at MOPS, so I went ahead and got these done while the boys were in school. Pizza Pasta Casserole! I just used this easy recipe (link). Had enough to make us one for supper tonight too and it was yummy! 

Look what else came in today! My handsome little buddy!!

Then we filled out his yearly info sheet! I never do it on the first day, 
I always wait until the school pictures come in!! :) 

Merritt's weekly homework was working on the letter T, 
they had to draw a picture of the teacher and write a little story about her. 
He wrote, "Once upon a time my teacher had a bad dog." 
He said that she had told them a story one time about her bad dog! hehe!!

We worked on some fun Halloween Lego sets after supper!

Soo cute!! 

I gave yall a few bonus pics because it's too hard to narrow down 10! ha!

Happy October 10th!

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