Tuesday Night to Now!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week! But here is a review in pictures!! :) 

Tuesday Night:
Merritt's homework was on the letter A and they had to make an A album...

All I had was a Country Living and National Cattlemen's Magazine, so we made it work!

This one was his fave! You know you are a farm boy when....hehe!

Then we loaded up in the Kubota to bring the Farmer some supper in the field.

And get some goodnight hugs and kisses!

Merritt had Lego Club after school, so McCoy and I made a quick grocery store run after we dropped him off!! I have been doing online ordering for so long, I don't think he has ever gotten to push this little buggy!! He obviously loved it!! 

Merritt absolutely loves to go to Lego Club!

It's only once a month but he literally asks every morning if it is Lego Club day!

His creation!

I made these Monster Cookie Bars and Candy Corn M&M Blondies 
while both boys were in School on Thursday morning! 

Our first 4-H meeting was on Thursday night! 

The girls LOVED the pumpkin project!

They all turned out so cute!!

McCoy had Story Time Friday morning, so I dropped him off, grabbed a Pumpkin Spice Latte (and a breakfast pizza that I brought back to The Farmer!) ran a few errands, then got to sit for a bit and enjoy The Southern Living Thanksgiving issue, Christmas Music, and a little quiet time! Glorious!

Then last night we had our MOPS Steering Team Fire Night!! These pictures are not great, but I didn't get it all set up until it was too dark! We ended up having to use our propane fire pit because the wind was out of control, but it worked out just fine! 

Somewhere along the way I lost the top to one of these drink dispensers! 
I looked everywhere and could not find it! Oh well!

We had such a great time! The last of the girls headed out around 1:00am, so I think it was a success!! So much fun to be able to get together with them for fun and not have to do any meeting or planning! We are hoping to do a canvas painting night and try one of those Escape Rooms too! So fun!

Happy Saturday!


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