Merritt is learning all about the letter M! 
He brought home the cutest moose puppet yesterday!!

Jackolantern Quesadillas last night for supper!

looked better in the pan, but still tasted great!! :)

We went to McDonalds this weekend!

They were super excited to get a Lego Ninjago toy in their Happy Meals!

Still getting a few yummies out of the garden!!

Sunday Night Supper, pumpkin shaped grill cheese!!

Mommy's version....tomato soup and grill cheese on a fall night...perfection!

I had to have a pair of the Halloween LulaRoe leggings! 
How cute are these??!!

I got a big variety box of hot cocoa and tried this Junior Mints one the other night!
Sooo yummy!!!

Hope yall are having a great October!! 


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