I grabbed this Pumpkin Spice bath bomb off Amazon! 
It smells amazing and can't wait to use it!!

Merritt's homework last week was working on the letter M!

One of the activities was making a mask! 
I just happened to have these Fall Fox masks waiting to be made, perfect!

Fox Boy McCoy!

"Wolf" Man Merritt!!

I got these adorbs jackets on clearance last spring..
they declared them cowboy coats and love them because they are cozy!! 
McCoy has his hat on because he had brought it and his spurs in for Show and Share at school! 
Merritt had Super Sack the same day and he brought in his chaps! Love these little cowboys!!

Merritt had a half day yesterday and a day off today! It is rainy and gross, 
so we will probably do some Halloween projects and baking...all in our pajamas!! hehe!! :)


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