Halloween Costumes!!

Another year yall!! I made it another year with coordinating costumes!! They really couldn't decide what they wanted to be (I was leaning toward Bigfoot and a Bigfoot hunter! ha!) then Merritt finally decided on a Pirate because he wanted to have a sword, I tried really hard to have McCoy be a Parrot, but he was having no part of that! At one point they both were going to be pirates but with different costumes, then McCoy saw the crocodile costume and HAD TO HAVE IT! Done and Done!! Woohoo! 

Coy's costume (link I got it for $16!) just came with the shirt and hood part, so I had no clue what we were going to do for pants or sleeves?!? Then I lucked up and found the crocodile print footie pajamas on Amazon (link) that worked perfectly and he got a new pair of pjs out of the deal!! I made some little crocodile feet to hide his shoes and called it a day! I think he turned out so cute!

Merritt's costume (link got his for $20, guess they start to raise prices the closer to Halloween! I suppose it pays to be a crazy Mom and order costumes in August! bahaha!) came with everything but the eye patch, hook, and sword...which of course we already had in our dress up stuff, so that worked great! He loves it and can't wait for Halloween to be over so he can wear it everyday!! For the past couple of years, I have put their costumes in the dress up box and they love getting to wear them all year round! The Knight and Dragon from last year have gotten lots of love! hehe!

Happy Halloween!!


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