9 Month Portraits!


Baby's First Harvest!

Merritt had such a good time in the combine, well at least for the 15 minutes that he stayed awake..haha!! He loved watching and looking at everything, but the sound and movement just put him right to sleep!! He's such a good little farmer :)


Baby's First Halloween!!

A little early maybe, but I wanted him to be able to play with/read all the fun things I got him :) He absolutely LOVES the Little People set (can be purchased from the Fisher Price Website)!! My Momma had the same one at her house and he loved it there too! The big orange Little People box in the pic is actually not the one I gave him...that is the Halloween Farm set that I am saving for next year, but I got them mixed up and didn't realize until we opened it..hehe :) 
He also loves the pumpkin tote with all the fun toys inside (got it and the soft photo album form Zulily) all the little toys either make noise, squeak, or rattle...so cute!!
He loves for you to read him books and "help" turn the pages, so I couldn't wait to give him all these that I have been hoarding since they went on clearance last year! In to the Holiday Book Basket they go!! (http://thefarmerandthesouthernbelle.blogspot.com/2012/03/reading-roundup.html)
 Of course, his most favorite of all the "happys" is the pumpkin sippy cup ..this boy loves a straw!! ha!


 My Momma got his costume (Thanks Honey!) and it just arrived yesterday! Let me just tell you, I laughed for a good 30 minutes once we finally got it on him...SOOO CUTE!! Stay tuned :)

First Halloween!

I made this "in the hoop" with my embroidery machine!! I put crinkle paper and some bells in it for added fun! It turned out so cute! I was going to save it for his Halloween happy basket, but he found it and wouldn't let me have it back :)

Fall in Mississippi!!

 We had such a fun time in MS! We got to visit with my brother and my sweet nephew Rex, visit with my Grandma Poo and Uncle Den, watch Cade-o play football, watch Auggie cheer, have lunch with Amyroo, and go to my Daddy's Horse Sale where Merritt rode a pony in the ring and got to visit with Britt and her adorable Halle Faye!!

Merritt and Rex had sooo much fun playing!

 Fun at the Park!




Can't wait to go back for Christmas!! :)


Clay County Fair

Before we left to head south, we went to the Clay County Fair! It is like the biggest County Fair in the world and is soo fun :)
This year, they had an Aussie Kingdom and I begged the Farmer to pay the 10 bucks so Merritt and I could hold the baby Kangaroo! Worth every penny :) My Daddy used to live in Australia, so I knew he would love the pics of us with the baby roo!! Merritt just wanted to pull it's ears off, so the lady in charge was kind of freaking out! ha!

We also had to visit the Big Boar!
and Grandpa's Barn Petting Zoo, he loved every secon and the people were so nice too :)



Such a fun time with my boys :)