Pinterest strikes again!!

I have been wanting to make one of these cute Halloween quiet books since one of my friends pinned it! Lots of felt and three late nights later, it's done!! And it is super cute!! I added and changed some things from the pattern which you can purchase here:

There are other ideas on Pinterest that don't require you to buy a pattern, but I am still a beginner at sewing, so that really helped me out!! I really enjoy Halloween, but just the costumes and candy parts of it, not the scary, creepy stuff...especially not for the little man, so I think this will be perfect for him :) The sewing is not that great, but hopefully Merritt won't hold it against me! I changed most of the fabrics so i could use some of my scraps, added a fun green zipper, since at the moment he is obsessed with them, and made a candy corn out of felt and stuffed in the pumpkin instead of making the finger puppets that the pattern shows. The little spider is actually just attached with Velcro, so he comes on and off and the friendly ghost pops in and out too!! Such a fun project!! Can't wait to do a Christmas one!!! :)

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