Reading Roundup!

Soo you may have noticed the various books I have been giving the babe in his holiday gift baskets (Christmas, Valentines and St. Pats)....well, they will now have a home! I used my Cricut to cut out "Reading Roundup" vinyl letters and put them on this cute box. Now every season/holiday that comes around his corresponding books will go in his Reading Roundup box! So in the Spring his Easter and St. Pats books will go in the box, in the Fall his Halloween/Thanksgiving books will go in, and so on and so on! My Momma does this with her holiday books and it's always fun to see them again year after year! Hopefully Merritt will like this too and not get sick of his books so easily! I have quite a few Christmas, Easter, Halloween/Thanksgiving books...but it's a little harder to find Valentines and St. Patricks books!

Here are his two St. Pats books..the only two I could find! and some cute Easter books his Honey Gram brought him...his Mommy may also have him a few more that will go his Easter basket! Can't wait to show yall all his fun Easter stuff :)


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  1. What a neat idea! I never thought of having a "holiday" book basket!