Happy St. Patricks Day!!!

I decided to give my sweet little boy his St. Patricks Day happy a day early!! He loved it :)

All smiles!!!

Cute little board book!

Love these "Night Before" books! Found them on Amazon...there is an Easter, Valentines, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Years...etc! They all have the same story line as the Night Before Christmas but with the other holiday themes...soo cute!

He loved this the most!!! Cute little longhorn rattle!

And you know I just had to get him the St. Pats Little People train set!! http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=900002&e=storeproduct&pid=44381&section=tod_lp_holiday

I will wait until next year to open it up and play with it!

Hope you all have a Happy St. Pats!! :)


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