Easter Bunny!

On Saturday I met up with Lacey (we were friends/co-workers when I lived in Montana and now she is married to one of the Farmer's college friends and they live in South Dakota..oh and I set them up..hehe) and her sweet babe, Paisley (who was born a week after Merritt), at the mall so we could take the kiddos to see the Easter Bunny..and shop a little of course :)

I made his outfit...soo cute, except I don't think bright yellow is his color :)

Merritt's first visit with the Easter Bunny! He looks real impressed!

Paisley and Merritt on their second date..soo cute :)

I had the first of probably a couple of Easter photoshoots with him tonight! Can't wait to show yall the shot I got, nothing short of adorable :)


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