Bridal Brunch!!!

Ok I know it's taking me awhile, but it has been CRAZY since the big day!! I figured I would start with the Bridal Brunch re-cap! It was soo fun and a bit overwhelming to have all my friends together in one place!! Wish I could have one of these once a week!! :)

My cute clutch at my place setting!

my place setting!

the table

again...there bags were in their Chairs!

Montana Girls!

Southern Girls!

The Moss Ladies :)

me with my Grandma Poo!

The Carraway Gals!

My friends from work!! aka Wedding fairies!

My Bridesmaids from College!

All my beautiful bridesmaids!

The yummy food!

Me and mini me!

The charm cake!

all the girls pulling the charms!

I got the bride and groom charm (next to wed) well duh!! :)
I have some more pics to share of the Rehearsal and the Actual Wedding Day....The professional pics wont me done for awhile but they are gonna be fabulous!!! I will post them as soon as I get them!! We took pictures in corn fields and I rode a tractor!! They will be amazing!! Can't Wait :)


  1. Very cute brunch! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  2. Eeeek! Can't wait...I've been waiting to see your wedding dress!

    Looks like it was a fabulous bridal brunch :)

  3. I'm lovin' the recaps Hayley Mae