BachelorEDJE Party?!?!

I guess a little background info is in order! The design company I work for is called EDJE...everything we do as a group always has the word EDJE in it...EDJE-o-ween, EDJE-ucation, EDJE outing, and on occasion we even call each other EDJEtards!...this particular party name was coined by the one and only Jay, he is the resident funny man in the office! Well my sneaky female co-workers are cooking up this BachelorEDJE Party and all I know is that I am supposed to keep Friday, May 8th open! I keep asking questions and getting nowhere! Even Jen (the roommate) who has a huge mouth and normally tells me EVERYTHING is keeping her lips sealed! I hate not being in on the secret. It is driving me nuts! Well I guess that is all..I just wanted to vent!! ha!

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