April Showers...

Bring loads of presents! Wow, what a weekend! The family finally arrived at around 8:30 on Friday night. We grabbed a bite to eat and headed straight to bed! Bright and Early we made our way up to the Farmer's for the first of two showers on Saturday. His Dad's side of the family was the first shower on the agenda. It was just how I imagined...Cake, punch (with fun little green cups), yummy food, beautifully wrapped gifts, and all the families together! The day couldn't have been more gorgeous! I wore one of the many polka dot dresses I have accumulated over the past couple of months, along with a bright fuchsia cardigan and matching shoes!! We ate and socialized for a bit, then came the main event!! But before we opened the presents, The Farmer's Aunt and cousin had a little story to tell! It was all about how we met and fell in love...but with each sentence there was a present that had to be opened to figure out what the word was. Kind of like Mad Libs! It was the cutest thing! I will post it later!! Then we commenced to cutting ribbon (which incidentally, we were told that however many ribbons we cut, that is how many kids we were destined to have -after about 3 I tried to pull them without cutting!! but I believe the final count was 9...yikes!!) and tearing paper! We got soo many lovely things! My cheeks were hurting soo bad from all the smiling. I will have to figure out a cheek work out program before the wedding! I have to admit, I was a little worried that I would open something and have no idea what it was..but so far so good!!! :) Next we had the cake (raspberry filled) and ice cream and coffee (Daddy was so excited that there was coffee at everything...and lots of it!) After all the hugs and thank you's, we loaded up the car and took everything back to the house. We had planned to some sort of sight seeing but after sitting on the couch, none of us wanted to get up! So we rested for awhile before the next event!!


Me, Cade, and Adub!

The super cute, super yummy cake!

Yes! A Feista Bowl!! Now I can make Snicker Salad every night!!

The fact that I can't cook is obviously not a secret!! :) Asher (The Farmer's nephew) says he will come to have Macaroni anytime!

At first glance this looks like baby clothes (notice my expression) but it is just two dish towels!! whew!! :)

After a quick wardrobe change, we headed off to the next shower! This was given by the Farmer's Moms side of the family. Everything was soo cute!! It looked like a mini version of my wedding! After a delicious meal, introductions, and a really great devotional by the Farmer's uncle, we were instructed to sit in the front two seats so that everyone could see. Nothing like being the center of attention!! :) Again, we got soo many lovely things! This shower had a kitchen/recipe theme, so we got plenty of cookware and great recipes! I am actually pretty excited to start my next cooking project! I just need to figure out what it's going to be!!
super cute punch!!
he was pretty excited!
Grandma "V" hand embroidered these dish towels!! They have little Dutch girls on them! p.s. both sides of the family are Dutch :) I have soo much to learn!

I could barely fit everything on the table! I am soo blessed to have a wonderful family and be marrying into a wonderful family! And to have them all together on Easter weekend just made it that much better! Having everyone together and finally having everyone meet was so fabulous! Thank you EVERYONE for making me and the Farmer feel so special!! :) Love yall!

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  1. Looks like so much fun and such a cute cake too! Congrats! Love your blog! I'm a small town girl too! :-)