Miscellaneous Monday!!

Merritt is still home sick today, but is doing better everyday. Of course now I have a nasty cold too, but at least I can take something for it :)

Thought I would post some of the pics that have been piling up on my phone...

How do you like Merritt's new shelves?!?! Don't mind his nebulizer cords/mess on the floor!

found them at Target and just love the way they turned out! Thanks to the Farmer who put them up in an extraordinary timely fashion!! :)

On Saturday I left the patient at home with the Farmer (so hard to leave all those snuggles!) and went to see the Lion King musical with the Farmer's Momma, his sister, and his brother's wife...otherwise known as my sister-in-laws..hehe! It was soo fun! A must see!! :) 

This was our Christmas present from the Farmer's Momma and Daddy, so worth the wait!! :) Thanks so much!!

Merritt is such a bucket boy!!

I got his this little cheapo foam cowboy hat for him to play with...he loves it, as you can tell by the pics! :)

Look who has some little curls :)  makes my heart melt!!!

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