After we dropped the buckaroo off at school, McCoy and I ran some errands (which has become our Tuesday ritual!) We headed to the farm store to get Jake some feed, and as we walked by the display of toys he spotted a pony and freaked out! Thank goodness nobody was in there, because he was neighing at the top of his lungs and yelling "ake, ake!!" Which is, of course, how he says Jake! 

I felt bad for the poor second child that always has to play with Merritt's cast offs, so I let him get "Jake!" Besides, what's the fun in running errands with Mommy if you don't get a prize?!?! 

When I put the feed in the buggy, I said something like, "now we have feed for Jake," so he immediately made his toy Jake eat from the sack of feed! Too cute! This boy loves horses!

I asked him if he loved Jake, and he kissed him!! hehe :) He took him in every where else we went and had to join him for lunch! 

I also ran to Loopys (it's kinda like a dollar store, but has boutique decor too!) and freaked out when I saw these!!
I never find any fall decor that has turquoise in it (my main living area has lots of turquoise, so I love to keep that theme...until Christmas when everything is pink and green, then I don't care!! ha!) Don't fall colors look so great with turquoise?!?! The only piece I have in this color scheme, is a pumpkin (see pic below!) I found at Hobby Lobby last year, but I don't think they carry it anymore (boo!) Anywho! I couldn't decide which one to get, then just went for it and got both, I just love the sayings on them!

Not sure I love it here, but it works for now!

Not sure this will stay here either, but I was just itching to get it hung up!

 This is my pumpkin with the turquoise accents...isn't it fabulous?!?

In other news, while I was picking tomatoes yesterday, I saw this!!
I literally shrieked with delight!! We thought we had planted peppers, but couldn't remember which pot, and then we just figured it had been mis-labeled when we got it. 

I was soo excited! And there are at least four more almost ready to pick!!


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