Paging Doctor Merritt!

Ever since I took McCoy to the doc earlier this week (he's fine, turned out to be just teething, blah!), they have been obsessed with playing doctor! 

We have a cute Fisher Price set my Momma got Merr for Christmas, that they were fighting over all morning, so in a moment of weakness (no sleep last night, cattle came in at 11:00, then the electricity went out sometime after that and The Farmers hog barn alert went off, so neither of us got much sleep, which makes for a long morning with two rowdy boys!) I pulled out another doctor kit I had in my stash! 

I normally would just make them share, but I had gotten this other kit on an Amazon Lightning deal last year before I knew my Momma had already gotten him one! So I just put it in the closet for a rainy day or to re-gift. Well, this was my rainy (losing my mind!) day!

This kit has a pager which Merritt thinks is the best and the stethoscope makes a heart beat noise when you push it! They had tons of fun doctoring Mommy and each other and we all made it through the morning alive! Success! Nap time here we come!! :)


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