After Christmas Wreath!

Soo I am having a New Years Eve get together, even though I am leaving up all my Christmas decor, I decided to take down my Cowboy Santa Countdown Calendar off the closet looked a little bare, so I whipped up this wreath using a styrofoam circle, ribbon, and extra ornaments! Soo simple...I started using E600 to attach the balls, but ended up using the glue gun to finish up!!! Now it looks great on my door and I'm ready for company :)



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  2. I love your blog. I have been reading here and there since back in the summer when I got engaged. A friend introduced me to it since I decided to use green and pink for the wedding colors... I love the wreath. I wonder if it would look to "christmasy" on doors etc for a June wedding? We are already doing some large glass vases with pink and green christmas bulbs in them of different sizes, textures, etc?

  3. Ohh yes! I think they would look could even but the bulbs on a the first letter of your last name, like a monogram instead of a circle wreath..then it surely wouldnt look Christmasy! I have seen these done with moss and flowers, see below!