Signs of Christmas!!!

First of all, I got these 3 AMAZING ornaments while in Jackson Hole!! I figured I needed 2 Moose ones since I saw soo many :) And I just couldn't pass up the cowgirl!! I love this style of ornaments! I'm not sure what its called but most of mine look like this! I can't wait to show you my whole tree full of all the gorgeous ornaments I have been collecting since last Christmas!!

Since the Farmer has strict rules about not Decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving (BOO!) I have to wait, but a few things have trickled out without him knowing/caring!! :)
In the dining room!

I'm gonna keep my Christmas Cards in that cute little Snowman Box!!

The Willow Tree Nativity scene I got from the Farmer's Parents last Christmas...sooo beautiful!

Isn't he precious!! Now I can count down the days!! My Momma has one like this, I think some days that was the only reason I got move the star another day, hehe!!! Unless it was a week before that point I was out of the bed by at least 5:00 am to see what the Elves brought me!!! The Elves are a fabulous tradition in my home, my Momma has Magic Boots that look like Santa's Boots that she sets out, and every night the elves bring us a little surprise! Now-a-days it's things like Shampoo, Conditioner, Razors, maybe a know, things we need, but when we were little there was no telling what we would get from the Elves!! I used to think I was sooo special since I was the only kid in my class that had Elves :)

I found this at Hobby Lobby and painted it my signature colors!!

Here are my latest decorations with the vases from the wedding!! I love the way they turned out!!

These are in my office now, but as soon as I take down the Fall/Thanksgiving decor they will be up in the Living Room!! Can't Wait!!!

Grease is TODAY!!!! Well, tonight!! I am sooooo excited!! And tomorrow is The Pioneer Woman!!! I promise to take tons of pics of both events!!! :)

p.s. My Farmer just informed me that today is "Thank A Farmer Day," so make sure you thank all the farmers you know!!! :)


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  1. That is too funny! My sister and I had an elf too - Peek! He came and filled our advent calendars each year. My mom still sends it to me each year filled with goodies from Peek. I love all of your cowboy Christmas decorations.