Holiday Cooking!!!

It's been much too long since I have done a cooking post! Well, get ready because I am on a Holiday cooking/baking spree! I have at least 4 more recipes after this one!! Get excited!! My shelves and counter tops are over flowing with things like; almond bark, marshmallows, chocolate chips, pretzels, oreos, ginger snaps....mmmmm! Stay Tuned!!

But for now, I give you the most AMAZING cheese ball!! This is my Momma's famous Cheese Ball that she makes on every special occasion! It's a real holiday crowd pleaser!!

Ok! The Recipe:
Two 8 oz packages of Cream Cheese
Two bags a smoked beef sandwich meat (you can also use 2 jars of dried beef)
6 green onions (chopped)
1 teaspoon of Accent
1/2 teaspoon of worsteshire sauce
a dash of garlic powder a cup of chopped pecans

Now follow the pictures so I don't have to type out what I did!! HAHA!

ok, I'll give you a little help! I just used Kitchen shears and cut the meat...

Isn't this the cutest thing ever?!?!?!

then did the same with the green onions

then combine them in the cute little food processor!

It should look like this!!

mix the cream cheese, Accent, worsteshire sauce, and garlic powder

add the beef and green onions

mix well and roll into a ball

cover with chopped pecans

Soo cute and TASTY!!!

serve with Club Crackers and an adorable Turkey Spreader!!

Mmmmmm :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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