Pink Poinsettia!!

Pink, GLITTER a matter of fact!! :) Isn't it GORGEOUS?!?! :)
We have finished the outdoor lights!! I hope to get a pic tonight :)
I am headed back to my Office for meetings in the morning and wont be back until Wednesday...Don't miss me too much :) When I get back, I will be super busy making a Gingerbread House, Decorating for and going to our Church's Ladies Brunch on Saturday, going to our town's Winterfest also on Saturday, and attending the Christmas Cantata next Sunday!! Not to mention Choir and Bible Study smashed in there too!! Can't wait for all the excitement! :) I have my big monthly Magazine due soon too, so don't feel too neglected if I get a bit behind on blogging! Ohh, who am I kidding? I always find the time!! :)
Adios for now!!


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